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What is a Brain Tumor? Difference Between Brain Tumor and Brain Cancer. Symptoms, Types, Treatment, Brain Tumor Medicine.

What is a Brain Tumor?

Primary brain cancer, also known as brain tumors, is an expansion of cells in the brain that results in masses known as brain tumors. This is distinct from cancer that begins elsewhere in the body and progresses to the brain. This is referred to as secondary or metastasized brain cancer.
Cancerous brain tumors can grow quite quickly in some cases. These cancerous tumors can cause havoc with your body’s functions. Brain tumors are life-threatening and should be treated as soon as possible.
Brain cancer is a relatively rare disease. According to the American Cancer Society, the risk of acquiring a malignant brain tumor in one’s lifetime is less than 1%. Brain tumor medicine stops tumor growth.
There are around 120 different forms of brain tumors dependent on which brain tissues they affect. Not all brain tumors are cancerous, but because of their size or location, even benign (or noncancerous) tumors can be hazardous. Brain tumor medicines help to stop this tumor or cancer from growing in the body.

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Brain Cancer vs. Brain Tumor

Although all brain tumors are tumors, not all tumors are cancerous. Noncancerous brain tumors are known as benign brain tumors.
Brain tumors that are benign grow slowly, have well-defined borders, and seldom spread. Tumors that are benign can nonetheless be harmful. They can cause serious dysfunction by damaging and compressing areas of the brain. Benign brain tumors that develop in a crucial part of the brain can be fatal. A benign tumor can become cancerous very rarely. Meningioma, vestibular schwannoma, and pituitary adenoma are examples of benign tumors. Brain tumor medicines are very costly but Different types of brain tumor medicines are available in cancer pharmacies to stop these tumors on 1st stage. Cancer Pharmacies are providing  Brain tumor medicines at cost effective prices.

Brain Tumor Causes and Symptoms

Brain Tumor Cases in India
According to the International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC), over 28,000 cases of brain tumors are reported each year in India, with over 24,000 individuals dying from them each year.
Symptoms of Brain Tumor
Some people may have no symptoms when they have a brain or central nervous system tumor. In certain cases, doctors may uncover a tumor while treating another issue.
When a brain tumor grows and presses against adjacent nerves or blood vessels, it might cause symptoms. The signs and symptoms of a brain tumor are influenced by the location, nature, and size of the tumor, as well as what the affected part of the brain governs.
• Headaches that are persistent or severe, begin in the morning, or disappear after vomiting.
• Changes in behaviour or personality.
• Balance or coordination difficulties.
• Concentration issues
• vomiting and nausea.
• numbness, tingling, or weakness in one portion of the body or face.
• hearing, vision, or speech difficulties.
• unusual drowsiness.
• Understanding language problems, loss of memory, thinking issues, speaking issues.

Types of Brain Tumor

•Pituitary tumors
•Pediatric brain tumors
•Embryonal tumors
•Choroid plexus carcinoma
•Brain metastases
•Acoustic neuroma

Brain Tumor Medicine

• Lomtin 40mg Capsule
• Versavo 100 Solution for Infusion
• Versavo 400 Solution for Infusion
• Bevazza 100mg Injection
• Bryxta 100mg Injection
• Bryxta 400 Injection
• Bryxta 400mg Injection
• Zybev 100mg Injection
• Advamab 100mg Injection
• Thioplan 15mg Injection
• Bevicra Injection
• Bevicra 100mg Injection

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Common Brain Tumor

Treatment of Brain Tumor

Treatment for a brain tumor is determined by its location, size, and kind. To treat a tumor, doctors frequently combine therapy.

Brain Tumor Treatment Options

Surgery: Surgeons remove the tumor when it is possible. To avoid injury to functional parts of the brain, they work very cautiously, sometimes performing surgery while you are conscious.
Radiation therapy: To kill brain tumor cells or decrease the tumor, high doses of X-rays are utilized. Some people have radiation before surgery to shrink a brain tumor so the surgeon can remove less tissue.
Chemotherapy: Anti-cancer medications are used to eliminate cancer cells in the brain and other parts of the body. Chemotherapy can be given via an injection into a vein or taken as a tablet. Doctors sometimes use chemotherapy before surgery to shrink the tumor. Following the surgery, your doctor may prescribe chemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer cells or prevent tumor cells from forming.
Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy, often known as biological therapy, is a type of cancer treatment that employs your body’s own immune system. The treatment mostly consists of boosting the immune system to help it perform better.

Targeted therapy: Drugs that target certain traits in cancer cells without hurting healthy cells are referred to as targeted therapy. If you’re facing side effects from chemotherapy, such as tiredness or nausea, your doctor may recommend targeted therapy.
Laser thermal ablation: Laser thermal ablation is a treatment that involves heating and killing tumor cells with lasers.

Watchful waiting or active surveillance: Watchful waiting or active surveillance A doctor uses regular tests to keep an eye on the tumor for symptoms of growth, but does nothing else.

Medicines: Various types of brain tumor medicines are available. These brain tumor medicine help to stop brain tumor cells from growing in your body.

How To Find Affordable Cancer Medicine in India?

Cancer medicines are available at many pharmacies. However, finding cost-effective brain tumor medicines at reasonable rates is very difficult in today’s world. Every country has high prices for brain tumor medicine. These expensive drugs caused many cancer patients to perish. Brain tumor medicines are available at relatively low prices from cancer pharmacies. In India, cancer pharmacies offer affordable brain tumor medicines.

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