Cancer Pharmacies group works with the handling of right meds according to request and remedy and endeavors to support the meds and items in right circumstances/with no harm each time a shopper puts in a request. We likewise firmly suggest the things are checked at the hour of conveyance.


‘Return’ means an activity of offering back the product requested at Cancer Pharmacies entry by the consumer. The accompanying situations might arise that might cause the activity of return of product:

  • The product(s) conveyed do not correspond to your request.
  • The product(s) conveyed have passed or are close to expiry (medicines with an expiry date of less than three months are considered close to expiry).
  • The product(s) conveyed were damaged in transit (do not accept any product with an altered seal).

Note: If the product that you have gotten is harmed, at that point, don’t acknowledge the conveyance of that product. On the off chance that, in the wake of opening the package, you discover that the product is damaged, it might be returned for a refund. Please note that we can’t promise a replacement for all products as it will depend upon the accessibility of the specific product. In such cases, we will offer a refund.

In the aforesaid impossible situations, on the off chance that something isn’t quite right about the request, we’d be glad to assist and resolve your anxiety. You may raise a return request with our customer care within 07 (seven) days from the conveyance of the product. Cancer Pharmacies reserves the option to drop the return request, assuming the customer reaches out to Cancer Pharmacies following 7 days of conveyance.

After accepting your return/refund request, Cancer Pharmacies will confirm the validity and idea of the request. Assuming Cancer Pharmacies finds that the request is certified, it will start the return and refund process. Cancer Pharmacies shall process the refund whenever they have gotten the affirmation from the seller concerned with respect to the contents of the product connected with that refund.

In the event of frivolous and unjustified complaints with regards to the quality and content of the products, Cancer Pharmacies reserves the option to pursue necessary lawful actions against you, and you will be solely responsible for all costs caused by Cancer Pharmacies in such a manner.


Any wrong request for the product doesn’t fit the bill for return.

  1. The batch number of the returned product should match the one on the invoice.
  2. Return requests arising because of progress in prescription don’t fit the bill for return.
  3. Products being returned should just be in their unique producer’s bundling, for example, with unique sticker prices, labels, bar-code, and invoice.
  4. Partially consumed strips or products don’t meet all requirements for return; only completely unopened strips or products can be returned.
  5. Certain categories of products, set apart as non-returnable on the product page, won’t meet all requirements for the return according to the Cancer Pharmacies Return strategy.



  1. For return insinuation, please visit and talk with us from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Sunday.
  2. The Cancer Pharmacies customer care group will check the case made by the customer within 72 (seventy-two) business hours from the hour of receipt of the objection.
  3. Once the case has been determined to be verifiable and reasonable, Cancer Pharmacies will begin the selection of the product(s) to be returned.
  4. The customer is expected to package the product(s) in a one-of-a-kind maker’s bundle.
  5. Refunds will be completed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of reverse get (whenever required).



In all the above cases, assuming that the case is viewed as legitimate, a refund will be made as referenced beneath:

  1. An order placed via a web-based wallet is credited to the wallet.
  2. An order put through cash on conveyance will be refunded through a reserve transfer to a customer’s bank account.



  1. Estimated shipping charges are determined according to the value of the request and can be seen in the truck section at the hour of checkout. For any further shipping-related data, please write to
  2. For any further refund related data, please write to



Customer cancellation:

The customer can cancel the order for the product until Cancer Pharmacies ships it. Orders, once shipped, cannot be cancelled.

Customer cancellation:

  1. The customer can drop the request for the product until Cancer Pharmacies ships it. Orders once shipped can’t be dropped.
  2. The customer can drop the request for a clinical trial until the assortment of samples is complete.


Cancer Pharmacies Cancellation

There might be certain orders that Cancer Pharmacies partners can’t acknowledge and service, and these may be dropped. Some situations that might result in your request being dropped incorporate non-accessibility of the product or quantities requested by you, inaccuracies or errors in estimating data specified by our partners.

Cancer Pharmacies also reserve the option to drop any orders that qualify as “mass” and are not set in stone by Cancer Pharmacies according to specific measures. A request can be classified as a “mass order” assuming that it meets the underneath referenced rules, which may not be exhaustive, viz:

  1. The requested products are not for personal consumption, but rather for commercial resale.
  2. Several orders have been placed for the same product at the same address.
  3. a large quantity of the same product is required.
  4. Incomplete address provided with details.
  5. Any misbehavior used to submit the request.
    No cancellation charges shall be required for the cancellation of a request as per the terms of this approach.